Dr. Gian Paolo Cimellaro
Visiting Professor in the UB Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and
Assistant Professor in the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino)

Field Reconnaissance following the April 6, 2009 L`Aquila Earthquake in Italy


The presentation will detail the preliminary reconnaissance findings of MCEER team members from UBís Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering who visited the earthquake-stricken area. Ioannis Christovasilis, a graduate student, traveled to the region within a week of April 6, 2009. Later that month, Andrei Reinhorn, Professor, and Gian Paolo Cimellaro, Visiting Professor, joined a team from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino) that focused on infrastructure facilities, particularly electric power, water, hospitals and telecommunications.

The majority of the damage occurred in the medieval city of L'Aquila (capital city of the Abruzzo region) and its surrounding villages. For example, the 13th century Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio collapsed from the transept to the back of the church. The third floor of Forte Spagnolo, the 16th century castle housing the National Museum of Abruzzo, collapsed, as did the cupola of the 18th-century Baroque church of St Augustine, damaging L'Aquila's state archives. The City Hall (Palazzo Margherita, XIII sec.) and its civic tower were damaged as well as the Palace of the National Library. The apse of the Basilica of Saint Bernardino of Siena, L'Aquila's largest Renaissance church, was seriously damaged, and its campanile collapsed. Almost the entire dome of the 18th century church of Anime Sante in Piazza Duomo fell down. Damage to new buildings in the area of Pettino and at the Hospital San Salvatore was also observed.


Thursday, June 11th, 2009


02:30 PM EDT

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