Engineering Seminar
Dr. Caglar Goksu Akkaya, Ph.D.
Researcher at the Structural and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory
Istanbul Technical University


One of the major problems in the structural sector is the rehabilitation of the old and damaged structure stock. Corrosion of reinforcing bars and the resultant cracks in concrete structural members are among the most common reasons of damage that require repair, particularly in humid environments and/or where porosity of concrete is relatively higher. Depending on the corrosion level, the bond between concrete and steel reinforcement is impaired which causes a risk for seismic safety of the existing RC structures.
An experimental and analytical study is carried out for investigating the seismic performance of the corrosion damaged RC columns with plain and deformed bars. Three types of specimens were produced, subjected to accelerated corrosion process and tested under constant axial load and reversed cyclic loads. The first group of specimens represents the existing structures which were built conforming to old design codes (low strength concrete, plain bar, insufficient transverse reinforcement detailing) which are usually encountered in Turkey. The second group of specimens was constructed in accordance with new design code (normal strength concrete, deformed bar, sufficient transverse reinforcement detailing). The third group was similar to the first group specimens with an additional hook detailing of longitudinal bars.
In the analytical phase of the study with corroded plain reinforcing bars, the effect of bond mechanism and loss of cross-section of reinforcement was investigated based on the experimental study. In the analytical phase of the study with corroded deformed reinforcing bars, nonlinear pushover analysis and nonlinear time history analysis of a hypothetical RC structure which has columns with corroded deformed reinforcing bars (with the assumption of pitting corrosion) was investigated. The corrosion of deformed reinforcing bars was represented with different losses of cross-section of reinforcement and different distribution of pits on the reinforcing bars based on the experimental study.


Wednesday, March 7th, 2012


1:00 PM EDT

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