User Group

An IDARC users group has been created to provide support to the programs users and to help fund the continued development of the program. Members of the users group are eligible for support when problems arise during their use of the program, and they will receive period updates to the program as corrections are made and improvements added. In addition, the authors will assist members of the users group with limited technical advise for special problems. Users belonging to the group will be consulted regarding new features and further developments in the program.

Membership in the users group entitles you to obtain the latest version of IDARC directly from the authors. The membership fees are US$600.00 for non-university users and US$400.00 for university users. For foreign mailing there is an additional fee of $25.00. The fees do not include costs of completely new versions, which will be released at later times and will be distributed to the users at discounted fees.

Current members of the users group who have not yet upgraded to version 7.0 should see our update page, while non-members can find more detailed information about joining the users group in the inquiry page.