Program Features

IDARC is a computer program for nonlinear structural analysis that allows many aspects of concrete behavior to be explicitly modeled. Many of the primary developments and enhancements to this program have linked experimental research with analytical developments. Details of the program's features and references to the analytical basis for them can be on the Introduction page. Additional information regarding the availability of the program can be found in the FAQ and on the Users Group page.

IDARC 2D is constantly being upgraded and improved. The latest releases include the following features and additions:

Version 7.0:

Version 6.1:

Version 6.0:

Version 5.5:

Version 5.0:

Known Problems:

The following is a list of some known problems and inconsistencies in our software, the accompanying example files, and in the documentation. We are working to correct these problems, and we will release updates to the program as soon as they are fixed.