The series 3D-BASIS (i.e., 3D-BASIS; Nagarajaiah, Reinhorn, and Constantinou, 1989, 1991a; 3D-BASIS-M; Tsopelas, Nagarajaiah, Constantinou and Reinhorn, 1991; 3D-BASIS-ME; Tsopelas, Constantinou and Reinhorn (1994); 3DBASIS- TABS; Nagarajaiah, Li, Reinhorn and Constantinou, 1993, 1994) was developed for the public domain for the analysis of base isolated structures. The basic features of the program are:

For a more indepth view of the 3D-BASIS program series please consult the following research accomplishments report.

3D-BASIS: Computer Program Series for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Three- Dimensional Base Isolated Structures

Fore more information about 3D-BASIS please consult these technical reports from MCEER.